Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wedding back in Broad Haven, Pembs.

This weekend one of my former youth group got married  at the chapel in Broad Haven where we used to minister. I was aware of Father God enveloping them as Ifor prayed His blessing over them and their marriage.  It was a privilege to share their special day with them and their families. Lovely also to catch up with friends in the chapel on the following day. Special people.

Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations


To celebrate our queen's 90th birthday we bought lots of copies of The Servant Queen and the King She Serves and distributed them to people in Glasbury and surrounding villages on behalf of Glasbury Baptist Church. They were generally well received and hopefully will be read. One person said " I wonder what her secret is". I told her " I think she gives that away inside." She was intrigued!

It was fun to go back to Llanfrynach where I lived before we married to join with others in the service written by the Queen herself I believe. We were all invited to wear hats and dress up for the occasion which added to the fun. Floral arrangements adorning each window, the font, etc. were created by local individuals. Tasty cakes were provided in the marquee where we could enjoy a cuppa and chat.
The figures were knitted by a friend of mine in the village.
The hat was covered in myriads of hydrangea petals.

Book launch at Hay Festival

I enjoyed going to the launch of my friend Eleanor Watkins' new book at Hay Festival. My husband picked up the book as soon as he got home and is already halfway through it! He says it's so well written, down to earth, true to life and a very good read. I have yet to find that out for myself!

Click here to see the book review on Amazon.