Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Big event at Powis Castle

It has been good to be involved with helping organise a big event in  a marquee at Powis Castle for farmers, their families and all those interested in the situation farmers are facing nowadays. Over the last few months Christianne Glossop, Chief Vet for Wales, and a group of Christian farmers from mid Wales have been meeting at our house to discuss and finalize details for this exciting event.
A Berkshire farmer, NIGEL BUTLER, will be the speaker. He is a good friend of Angus Buchan who drew an enormous crowd of around 800 to anothet farming event we were involved with organising in Trecastle a couple of years ago.  Nigel is also a popular and sort after speaker.
There will be games organised for the children.
Please pray for the event and let those who you think would be interested know about it.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Learning to hear God speaking in many different ways

Yesterday I Ied the last of the sessions on hearing God with the group in Hay. It has been such an encouragement to see how much God has blessed them through this over these last few weeks. He graciously spoke to each of them through the items they chose off the table; through "going for a walk with Him" in their minds' eye; through Bible verses; and finally in groups of 3 as they put into practice what they'd learnt by hearing God's words for each other. The latter particularly surprised and encouraged them as they found out how accurate these words were... when they thought they couldn't do it!
I'm praying He will continue to grow them in these new abilities to hear Him over the summer holidays and that they will grow in confidence enough to be  blessing in this way to those who do not yet know how much Jesus loves everyone.

Friend so blessed when she opened door of her heart to Jesus.

It was such a privilege earlier this week for me and a good friend of mine to be present when our mutual friend opened the door of her heart wide to welcome Jesus. He poured His peace into her mind and soul. Such joy ☺.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Two-way journaling with Jesus... With life changing results!

Last week I shared with the same Bible Study group in Hay about how life changing Ifor and I have found two-way journaling with Jesus to be since we started doing this two months ago.  They had a go at the first exercise where we all quieted ourselves, focused on Jesus and wrote a love letter to Jesus. Then we continued, whilst tuned to the flow of the Holy Spirit, to write what He was saying in response. Many were quite taken aback and greatly encouraged as Jesus responded with His personal words of acceptance and love for us as individuals.

Today was my weekly Bible Fun group for the mums and young children in our immediate locality.  One of the mums who started doing this two-way journaling a fortnight ago told me how much it has changed her life already. She loves hearing Jesus speak to her so readily and feels so uplifted by Him.

Wedding above Hay on Wye

It was good to share in our Godson's wedding celebrations recently. What a stunning location overlooking Hay for the wedding marquee after the service!

The wedding was held in Clyro Church where Kilvert, the famous Victorian diarist, was once the rector.

Quote from Job

"God speaks again and again, though people don't recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in bed.  He whispers in their ear."  Job 33:14,15.

Christian Dream Interpretation

Since my post on 10th May God has given me much revelation and counsel through dreams which I have found really encouraging.  Last month I was asked to lead a bible study on this with a group in Hay on Wye. Together we looked at lots of Bible references and I simply shared what I have learnt so far. I encouraged them to have a go and keep pen and paper by their bed. A fortnight later on my return a number of them shared their dreams and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we were able to interpret their meaning together.  This was an encouragement to everyone as He spoke through them.