Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Two-way journaling with Jesus... With life changing results!

Last week I shared with the same Bible Study group in Hay about how life changing Ifor and I have found two-way journaling with Jesus to be since we started doing this two months ago.  They had a go at the first exercise where we all quieted ourselves, focused on Jesus and wrote a love letter to Jesus. Then we continued, whilst tuned to the flow of the Holy Spirit, to write what He was saying in response. Many were quite taken aback and greatly encouraged as Jesus responded with His personal words of acceptance and love for us as individuals.

Today was my weekly Bible Fun group for the mums and young children in our immediate locality.  One of the mums who started doing this two-way journaling a fortnight ago told me how much it has changed her life already. She loves hearing Jesus speak to her so readily and feels so uplifted by Him.

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