Friday, 7 April 2017

God wins!

I took my shofar and banners up on a hill to pray over a farm that was under restrictions with TB for a clear TB test and for a number of other major difficulties the farmers there were undergoing. It needed a real breakthrough. The praying became a real battle. Immediately the wind came up so strongly that it was hard to hold the banners, The cloud and rain came down so I quickly lost sight of the farm but continued to pray. Once I felt I had the breakthrough that was needed, I put the banners away and almost instantly the wind and rain stopped and the cloud lifted to reveal the lovely, calm, sunny day that everywhere else, including the farm, had been experiencing all along.
A few days later, when the vet came to check the animals for any possible signs of TB, he pronounced them all clear and the restrictions were lifted. Also the other major problems the family were experiencing are one by one being miraculously sorted in amazing ways.

Update on Ifor's new book

Thank you for your prayers for the publishing of Ifor's book.  God has been amazing.  Days later, when at a New Wine Cymru Leaders' Conf. in a different region, Ifor bumped into an old friend, Phil Bishop.  It seems he and another friend are together writing a course on stewardship, and Phil has offered to help publish Ifor's book. We are hoping to launch the book at the Baptist Union of Wales Assembly on 16th June. Becky has finished editing it and our niece is currently proof reading it.  The deadlines are all a bit tight so please pray that it all goes to plan.

22 March at 17:01
After ten years of writing and rewriting on and off Ifor has sent his finished book to various publishers and to some notable people to review it. It will possibly be called "Generous Love", or "Open Heart, Open Hands". Another title idea was A Magic Penny because the chorus of the old Brownie song says it all.
One well known author couldn't put it down and read it all in one day! It has many of our personal stories included to illustrate the Bible's teaching.
Please pray while we sort out publishing it.

A Great Sign from God

10 March at 22:07
This week I took the dogs up on a hill for a walk and to pray blessing over a village and the farms below. Straight afer I blew my shofar from the top, I heard bleating, then a sea of sheep came pouring over the skyline TOWARDS me and the dogs, with nothing herding them from behind. They came right up to us. About 70 of them. It was as though they were responding to the call of the shofar an reporting for duty! It felt like a great sign.

Hearing God through Creation and for Others

10 March at 21:30
We have had the first two sessions of our Hearing God training series, the first one on how to hear His through Creation and the second on Hearing God for others. Prophecy was flowing well and everyone was encouraged and surprised how they were able to hear God and by the words God spoke to them.

Alpha Away Day

4 March
The Alpha day has gone really well today. Everyone enjoyed it and everyone experienced the Holy Spirit, mostly through a deep peace on a level that many hadn't experienced before and they found hard to explain when they tried. No wonder Jesus called it the Peace that passes understanding! We had a full house, enjoyed a hot meal together and a nice walk down by the river or on the common afterwards.

Alpha Course at Kensington, Brecon

Alpha has been going really well. We are having our Alpha Holy Spirit Day today - Saturday - at our home where they will be learning about and experiencing the Holy Spirit. 15 are coming. Prayers appreciated.

February's Filling Station

February's Filling Station went well in the different location of Builth Wells. Again about 60 people came of all ages, including a number of new people who also seemed to enjoy it. Next month we return to Glasbury Village Hall on 31st March at 7pm.
Richard interviewed Imogen who has been painting a prophetic picture of the feet of Jesus being drawn down towards the beautiful fragrance from a carpet of flowers, representing all of us who are worshiping Jesus.