Friday, 7 April 2017

God wins!

I took my shofar and banners up on a hill to pray over a farm that was under restrictions with TB for a clear TB test and for a number of other major difficulties the farmers there were undergoing. It needed a real breakthrough. The praying became a real battle. Immediately the wind came up so strongly that it was hard to hold the banners, The cloud and rain came down so I quickly lost sight of the farm but continued to pray. Once I felt I had the breakthrough that was needed, I put the banners away and almost instantly the wind and rain stopped and the cloud lifted to reveal the lovely, calm, sunny day that everywhere else, including the farm, had been experiencing all along.
A few days later, when the vet came to check the animals for any possible signs of TB, he pronounced them all clear and the restrictions were lifted. Also the other major problems the family were experiencing are one by one being miraculously sorted in amazing ways.