Monday, 5 June 2017

Radio Broadcast

Ifor was asked to take part in the Radio Wales broadcast "All Things Considered" which went out on14th  and 19thMay.  It was a 30 minute programme which you can hear on . It was titled The Value of Money, where "Roy Jenkins and guests looked at how religious faith should affect  the acquisition and spending of money and especially how much of it is given away.  Roy Jenkins was joined by Rev Ifor Williams, a Baptist Minister in Breconshire, who has written 'Open Hands, Open Heart', a book on the Bible's teaching on giving, being published in June;  Canon Carol Wardman, advisor on church society issues to the bishops of the Church in Wales;  Rob Morgan, a Rhondda based money coach for the charity Christians Against Poverty; and Dr. Ahmad Jamal, a Senior Lecturer in marketing and strategy at Cardiff Business School."
It wasn't easy as the questions weren't given out beforehand so each had to answer immediately, with no time to think!  Sometimes Ifor gave a short answer, thinking that was what was expected, but others gave a long answer, which he could have done. However, all in all it seemed to come across well and we had some good responses.

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