Monday, 4 September 2017

Ifor's book now on the market.

We had a table to sell books the next day at the 150th Anniversary of the Baptist Union of Wales in Carmarthen, where Ifor was asked to speak about his book.

Later we went to New Wine at Shepton Mallet.  The manager of the huge St Andrews Bookshop there took one look at the reviews by big names on the back cover and promptly put it up for sale on the shelves among authors such as Philip Yancey, John Wimber, J. Packer, Bill Johnson and Rick Warren!  The manager asked to keep the books to take around other big events in the coming months.

Open Hands Open Heart is available in both hard and kindle forms from Eden Bookshops and Amazon, as well as St Andrews Bookshop.
Should you want a quantity for your church or group, contact us and we can arrange a discount price.