Monday, 4 September 2017

Mission to Wales

  In July hundreds of ordinary Christians, from all over Wales from all denominations and none, took part in different ways to share the love of Jesus out in the streets over a nine day period, going out for just one hour each of those days in their local towns. The results were unprecedented. 3,351 people chose to accept Jesus's invitation and follow him in just those nine hours! They were each given a free copy of two of the books of the Bible and a booklet covering six aspects to help them in their new journeys. Those who wished to meet up with someone afterwards gave their details so this could be arranged.

Our nearest training centre for the Mission to Wales was in Pontypridd. A number of us from Breconshire went along. After a great time of worship and brief training, we went out on the streets of Pontypridd in pairs for an hour. The same the following day. Many people responded to the Good News Jesus was offering them and were keen to give their details so they could meet up with someone later.

After this we had a couple of days in Abergavenny where once again many chose to follow Jesus after hearing about His great love for them, talking to people in the streets and market and outside cafes.

On the Wednesday of that week, the Breconshire people left Abergavenny and met together in a home in Brecon before going
out to share about Jesus and His huge love for the people on the streets in Brecon over the next few days. Again, nearly a dozen people enthusiastically chose to follow Jesus and were given copies of Luke-Acts and the Six booklet to help them on their new journey.
Some of these also asked to meet up with someone near them to go through the little Six booklet so they could ask any questions they may have as the days went by.
Its not easy going out to share about Jesus's love for all people because we never know what kind of response we will get, but its been so worth it to see the joy in the faces of the people who do choose to accept Jesus's free offer of complete forgiveness, a fresh start and eternal Life with Him.